We perform and you?



Why since 2022, we have decided to take management fees from potential new clients for our Monetization and PPP services.
1- 99% of requests are due to advice, arbitration, false documents, scammers, etc.
If you go to your international lawyer, you must have
a/ A meeting,
b/ You must pay their fees for the time that passes, and if your file is accepted,
c/ Do you have to pay a provision? Yes or no ?

2- We are financial experts in Europe, USA, Asia), most with more than 20 years of experience.
We first study your request, we check your documents, we get in touch with our international network of trading platforms, we calculate the feasibility of your request, and look for the best solution.
3- Your application has a maximum 50% chance of success, we refuse it
And we give you advice on how to improve it. AT NO COST to you.
4- Your application has more than 80% chance of success, cost: 5,000 euros for our service, excluding % and bank charges.

From there, we follow and manage your file, we will delegate a person from our group who will be your privileged contact, available day 7/7 until the success of your file.
You will have several live conference calls with the platform, the CEO and the trader who manage your file, with our constant advice, to complete the various documents, SKR, POF, POl, KYC, CIS, BCL, ATV compliant with the verbiage of the platform.
Choose the right options offered, open bank accounts if necessary, need an IOLTA account, etc.
We allow ourselves to take this entry fee to cover our group management costs, which also reassures us of the reliability of the customer through an investment, although modest in view of what we ultimately bring to them, but which creates an essential bond of trust between the two parties.
For information, most companies on the web ask between $50 and $75,000 FOR THE SAME SERVICE.

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