we do not work for free. 

 .1. Client/Mandate sends copy of Signatory´s Client Information Sheet.

  • 2. Within twenty-four (24) hours, XXXXXXXXX will issue contract and escrow agreement.
  • 3. Both parties sign the escrow agreement and XXXXXXX will Appoint the escrow attorney.
  • 4. Client then escrows bank transmission charges to the approved European escrow agent or attorney.
  • 5. Upon confirmation of Escrow deposit from the Escrow attorney, Provider issues countersigned contract.
  • 6. Within 3 banking days Heinz Finance will swift the MT799 to Client's designated account.
  • 7. Client's bank then responds to MT799 - Once response is received,  XXXXXXXX sends the MT760.
  • 8. Once Client confirms MT760 in account, escrow company is notified to release the issuance fee.
  • 9. Client then has 30 days to pay the remaining fees to XXXXXXXX, either from their own funds or from the monetizer that we can provide.


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